If you're looking for a freight transport option for your cargo, you have the basic four modes to compare: road, rail, sea & air. However, each has its own pros and cons. When it comes to air freight, there are some unique characteristics that make it different and quite possibly the best freight option available in the market. Read on to see what these are and how they can ease your cargo logistics.

Fast transportation

Without a doubt, air freight services offers the fastest way to move your imports, exports or removals from one point to the other. Whether transporting across national or state borders, air freight can get your cargo at its destination within a fraction of the time used via road, rail or sea. The main reason for this is that planes generally travel faster and have uninhibited passage through the air space.

For you as a client, this means you can always expect to receive your consignment on time. This helps avoid expensive delays in cargo transport, especially for business supplies.

Less handling of goods while in transit

The other major advantage of air freight that you need to understand is that your cargo gets very little handling in the process. Once your goods are loaded at the airport, they will only be handled again upon arrival at the destination port.

Unlike rail or road transport, your cargo will not be subjected to numerous checks at border points because cargo planes often make direct flights. Only in rare exemptions, might your cargo need to be transferred from one plane to the other. This means your cargo remains in good condition with little chance of damage, delays or errors in packing.

Flexible transport packages

Last but not least, air freight provides flexible transport solutions for every type of client. Whether you're transporting private goods or moving business supplies, you can always get a package that caters to your needs in terms of speed of transportation and cost. For budget freight, you can seek standard or economy transportation.

On the other hand, you can seek premium or even charted flights if you need privacy, customized transport or delicate handling of special cargo. In regards to time, you can choose between urgent, next flight out or overnight freight for time-constrained cargo.

In addition to the above, air freight also affords you plenty of other services to ease your freight management. These include customs clearing, cargo forwarding, warehousing, insurance, door-to-door services and any other special requirements you might need for your cargo.